Applying for Help:

If you are a Jackson County resident needing emergency help, apply in person at the office at 191 Skyland Drive. Bring a photo ID and a utility bill or other bill showing proof of residence in Jackson County. A counselor will interview you and help find the best way we can offer assistance.

Food:example graphic

Our most frequent help request is for food. We keep food in stock for immediate needs. In addition we serve as a host for U. S. Department of Agriculture food (commodities).


Personal Items & Household Goods:

Some personal items are available, like diapers and toiletries. Kitchen utensils, blankets, and linens are available in limited quantities. We distribute used furniture and appliances as we receive them from donors. Due to high demand for furniture and appliances, we can only fill requests when items are available.

Financial Aid:

Limited financial assistance is available to pay utilities and some other expenses. Volunteers provide financial counseling as requested

Winter & Christmas:

During the winter we distribute donated winter coats. In December we cooperate with the Jackson County Christmas Connection to help families provide Christmas gifts for their children.


If we cannot meet all emergency needs, we can refer you to other agencies with which we have good working relationships.