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About Us

United Christian Ministries of Jackson County, Inc., was founded over 30 years ago by a consortium of local churches. The purpose of United Christian Ministries is to serve Christ by being a voice for and a help to people with urgent physical, economic, social, or spiritual needs so that they might become 'whole' persons in body, soul and spirit.

UCM provides a food pantry, personal items, and household items, as well as assistance with necessities (temporary shelter, utilities, heat, rent, medical copays) to residents of Jackson County. We coordinate with other agencies to prevent duplication of services.

UCM is fully funded through the generosity of donors - churches, businesses, individuals, and grants. We receive donations of money as well as pantry items. We serve about 10,000 clients per year and distribute thousands of bags of food each year. In 2020, we gave out over 20,000 bags of food, an almost 50% increase from the prior three years.

Many of our local churches support UCM in two ways: with monetary support, and by collecting donations of items to give to clients, such as canned food, shampoo, etc. We work with dozens of churches in Jackson County, and their contributions are crucial to our success. We are staffed by two part-time employees, and a cadre of over 40 volunteers.

2020 Annual Report


Board of Directors

United Christian Ministries is overseen by a board of directors. An annually elected board of directors representing 15 local congregations and agencies provides oversight and support of our ministry. Each member serves a three-year term. It is the hope and goal of UCM to have wide representation from local churches and agencies to guide the vision of our ministry.

Current Board of Directors

Officers: Steve Metcalf, Chairman; Mary Mahon, Vice Chair; Frances Hess, Secretary; Cyndie Royce, Treasurer

Board Members at Large: Scott Carter, David Frizzell, Tim Jones, Donna Mason, Kim Poteet, David Preston, Mark Rogers, Fannie Roper, Frank Royce, Annette Sutton